What is the Best Fire Pit Wood?

Fire Pit Wood

Fire Pit Wood

Outdoor fire pits are important additions to neighborhood backyards all over the world. They can be used to set romantic moods, stay warm during chilly evenings, or to simply keep the bugs away. Wood burning fire pits can also be used to dispose of junk mail and paperwork that contain private information.

However, in order to get the best results from he fire pit, it is important to understand the different types of wood that can be used. Additionally, those who own fire pits need to know where to get fire pit wood.  Most wood can be purchased from a local farm or dealer.  It’s also important know how the wood is delivered. For instance, wood is measured in cords. A standard cord of wood  is 128 cubic feet, while a face cord of wood typically measures around 48 cubic feet. In some instances, wood can be purchased by the truckload.

In most cases, hard wood is the best type of wood to purchase for a wood burning fire pit. However, some of the softer woods such as apple and pine are ideal because of the aromas they emit.  When purchasing wood, be sure the wood is dry.  Wet or green wood does not burn as well and produces more smoke. Below are some of the most effective types of fire pit wood.


While ash is mostly known for producing baseball bats, the hardwood is also one of the more popular woods for burning. What makes ash desirable is that it’s easy to split, dries out quickly, lights easily, and heats well.


When considering maple, it is important to note that there is hard maple wood and soft maple. Be sure to choose the hard maple since it gives off more heat and burns more effectively. Though hard maple is difficult to split when it is green, once dry it splits as easily as most types of wood.


There are two main types of birch: yellow and white. Yellow birch gives off more heat, while white birch is a little easier to split. Both woods give off a favorable aroma and because of their colorful bark, this popular wood looks nice while placed in a log rack. However, before burning, it is recommended to strip off some of the bark since it give off a fair amount of smoke.


Since its grain is not always straight, oak is one of the most difficult types of wood to split. It can also be difficult to light, though it gives of the most heat and burns for a very long time. Oak also takes longer than most to season as it is most effective after drying out over a years time.


Beech is another type of wood that emits a lot of heat. However, like oak, it is not easy to light as most, but is much easier to split. Additionally, beech usually only takes six to eight months to dry and emits very little smoke.

When choosing a fire pit wood, there are many factors to consider. Some types of wood give off more heat, while others are easier to split. Some firewoods may be more difficult to ignite, though a light douse of lighter fluid and a few sheets paper will usually help with the ignition process.

Here is more on the best fire pit wood:

What kind of wood is best for your outdoor fire pit or fireplace? There is little difference in energy content per pound amongst the various wood types. Density, however, varies greatly and significantly influences the value of firewood.

Denser the wood, the higher is the energy content and heat generation. For this reason, hardwoods produce longer-lasting fires and coal beds. Softwoods burn faster and do not produce much of a coal bed. One advantage of softwoods is they ignite faster and function well as starter wood.

The best hardwoods in terms of heat generation and “burnability” without heavy smoke include: hard maple, pecan, ash, white oak, birch, beech, red oak, dogwood, apple, and hickory.

The best softwoods in terms of fast warming fires that produce medium heat and burn out before you go to bed: spruce, southern yellow pine, and fir.

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